Team No Sleep

My ongoing sleeplessness never ceases to get on my damn nerves. It’s always in the middle of the night where I decide to have the weirdest ideas or am inspired to write or clean or redecorate. It’s absolutely the worst.
It’s that time again, and I’m set for a few days off this week so I can celebrate my mom’s birthday with her. I’m absolutely looking forward to spending this time with her, as some family members from Puerto Rico will be with us, so it should be extra special. Hopefully this mini vacation will be better than the last one and I won’t be sick the entire time!

I keep trying to find a way to work on my website so I can maybe restart my business but I find that I can’t find a way to make this site work for me. Am I better off just getting a professional to do the site for me? Maybe. But you’d think I’d at least have some idea on how to even begin describing myself. Turns out, I draw a blank everytime. I need to seriously do something about this and get myself started again so I can maybe make some side money. I doubt I’d do it full time again because I like what I do now and I don’t necessarily want to do all the traveling again, but it would be cool to start u again.

School is starting again for me on the 5th, and I’m excited to get back into it. I need to clean out my office and have it school ready soon so I can get in, do what I gotta do, and be out. Right now it’s a mess of clothes. I can’t believe I own so much stuff, and the worst part is I rarely wear any of it. Something else to figure out soon. Ugh.

I’ve been busy trying to breathe life into my apartment. I’ve refinished a table and I’m working on another soon. I’ve spent my entire time in this apartment only having the very bare minimum of what I need, and I finally decided I wanted to do something with the space I have. So far I think it’s coming around really well 🙂 but there’s more work to be done. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be that much closer to having it all make sense. Right now my livingroom is crazy, mainly because Virginia is sleeping on my couch. She’s been a tremendous help and I always love having her around, but I’ll be happy when I can move my stuff around without having to worry about her. She should be moving into her own place soon, which means I’ll be losing my roommate soon, but thankfully she’s just a few minutes away so it won’t be that bad 😀

I need to try to sleep, but for some reason this documentary about Vikings is the most interesting thing in the world right now. My life is a mess.


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