Right in the childhood

So by now everyone is playing Pokemon Go and living their dreams of being a pokemon master!

I love this game so far and the augmented reality feature which makes the Pokemon seem like they’re around us, which is every 90’s kid dream!

With great things like this, often come people who just ruin the whole thing.
People getting mugged at PokeStops
People getting into accidents, not paying attention to their surrounding, even though IT SAYS SO ON THE DAMN APP!
and of course, people trespassing, when all you have to do is sit next or around the building that has the poketops or pokemon in order to get what you want, but NO! people need to be extra.

Just because we’re all psyched about this really cool app, it doesn’t give us license to act like damn fools, so if everyone could just have some sense, that would be great.

Niantic recently pissed everyone off by taking the tracker off the game, which let us try to figure out where a pokemon might be as far as distance. By doing this, they’ve also disabled popular website pokevision.com. With these changes, it seems like getting to the Pokemon right now is an almost impossible task! I can’t walk down 2 blocks to get to a Snorlax only to not know whether I’m close or not…. I CAN’T LIVE MY LIFE LIKE THIS, NIANTIC!
Pokevision, though not technically following the rules, allowed us to know where the pokemon we wanted were and we could easily go out and get them. This didn’t hinder the game at all, in my opinion, it just made it better! But Niantic had to get mad about it and ruined the whole thing for all of us.
Not to mention the fact that instead or worrying about the damn font, they should have worried more about the unstable servers, or the fact that when we try to catch a certain pokemon, it ends up showing up as an entirely different pokemon when we check our pokemon inventory..
The game is still very new and it’s still releasing in other countries, so I’m hoping to see some changes soon that will make the experience better for those of us tired of walking everywhere for a pokemon we never get -_-

That’s my rant of the day, I’m going to continue working and playing pokemon on the low 🙂


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