I’ve had the immense pleasure of watching my godbaby grow into a gorgeous little toddler and I can’t wait to continue to see her growth. I love having her over and it’s always lots of fun. Babysitting her is so much fun because I get to do something I normally never do. But because I’m never around children, when I’m around her I’m just ready to sleep all day! She has so much energy and she’s always getting into something.. the litter box, the laundry. She likes to point at everything and ask “What’s that?” She also enjoys pulling on my lip ring and taking food out of her mouth and putting it on my face, so it’s pretty much just me chasing her around, keeping her away from my face, or putting her in her playpen, which she’s cool with at first and then hates after a while.
It’s so crazy to think that one of my best friends has a child.. I never thought she’d be the one to have children, at least not this young. Honestly, it wasn’t in her plans either, but hey, shit happens. She’s such an amazing mother and watching her with Charlotte is like a different person. Not at all the Bree that I know and love.. it’s weird, but it’s great too!
Bree should be here for her kid anytime now and that means I can do the one thing I love to do above all.. blast trap music while I shower 🙂



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