Virginia and I often have coffee dates. At the end of our day, we like to sit at our local Starbucks and discuss our day, the things we want to do, and any new ideas that we have, a new crush, new plans, new music.. Or today’s topic, blood types.
Knowing Virginia was one of the only good things that came out of the toxic relationship that lead me to her.. and since we met, we bonded over coffee at a Starbucks where one of her best friends used to work and where this guy whom I had a huge crush on worked.. but that’s another story 🙂
Tonight I was happy to vent to my best friend about all the shit that has been happening this week and I was amused to hang out with her and help her pick a new phone case.
Our nights aren’t always very interesting, but it’s those small moments that end up being the best things we remember about people.


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