I work for an association management company.
Basically, how I got the job went like this

Me: “Hi, I’d like to apply for the receptionist position”

Boss: “I see you have law experience”

Me: “Yes I worked Immigration and Worker’s compensation Law for 5 years”

Boss: “Do you want to learn HOA Law”

Me: “…. sure”

and I’ve been here for 8 months now
I really like it though
It’s a bunch of work so I get to stay busy and learn a bunch of new stuff
I really thought I’d have this down by like month 3 and here I am month 8 still learning all kinds of things and pretty much still being a total newbie.
My boss has encouraged me to continue learning and really get into HOA stuff and it has been pretty cool. I find myself going to these seminars where they talk about changes and all kinds of things.. I went to one about drones.. and I learned that people are overall a bunch of creeps and now they use drones to creep around without having to physically creep. Great stuff lol

Today I’m filling in for the receptionist, so I have to figure out what it is that she normally does, plus I have to do my own work. Needless to say I’m ready to hide under my desk.

Time to get back to it though



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