An Introduction


My name is Julia
I’m from Puerto Rico. My family and I moved out here when I was 8 and grew up in Dunnellon, FL šŸ™‚

Good times

Life was great until for some odd reason I ended up in the one place I SWORE I’d never live…. Orlando

A little something about Orlando
It sucks
It is NOT all Disney and Hogwarts….
Here in the real Orlando, we have crazy stupid drivers, way too many people, homeless people out the ass, and the whole place seems to perpetually smell like farts.
Oh, and everyone speaks Spanish or Portuguese so no English necessary.
Where else can you get offered an array of exotic drugs while waiting in line at Walmart?? Orlando. True Story.

I’ve been living in Florida’s cesspool for maybe 3 years now. Do I have any local friends? Not really. I have one friend whom I used to live with in Port Saint Lucie and through some weird shit she ended up in Orlando with me. She’s one of my best friends and the one that makes Orlando bearable. She’s also the one that has kept me out of jail on many occasions, but that’s a story for another day..

We’re cool

Time to wrap up this post though.. Our upstairs neighbors sound like they’re about to have the police called on them again.. #cityliving


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